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Painter Training provides private and public training sessions via workshops for teams and coaching for individuals. Easy to access training for the painting industry. Your success in building a profitable and safety-oriented business is what our training and coaching is all about.

Ongoing Training Opportunities

Estimating 101 for the Painting Industry

Paint Estimating – Plans and Onsite Takeoff, Specifications, Job Costing and Overhead

Painter Training Architectural Plans Takeoff and Estimating

  • Full Day Workshop for Painters, Painting Contractors, Estimators in Training, Project Managers, and Sales Force.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Architectural Plan Reading – Hands-on measurement training.
  • Online and other Estimating & Takeoff Methods – Onsite walk-through takeoff and measurement.
  • Digital Estimating & Software
  • Specifications – Learn the Who, What, How & Why.
  • Overhead Reality – The What, How and Why on this ‘Critical to Your Business Success’ topic
  • Job Costing ‘The Full Circle’  – Learn and how it impacts future estimates and your company’s profits.


Attendees receive architectural plans estimating spreadsheets,
onsite takeoff forms, specifications checklist, job costing
requirements checklist and calculate your overhead spreadsheet.
Attendees receive forms that can be put to use immediately.

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Company Safety Management

Success will always be with you, as long as you place safety as the first priority.

Learn and utilize comprehensive safety management.
Safety management as an intentional and active part of your company management pays big dividends.

  • Construction 10 hour and 30 hour training by OSHA Authorized Trainer
  • Painting Industry Focused Topics
  • Multi-Employer Job Site Safety Management
  • Written Policies, Employee Training, Reporting and Record Keeping
  • OSHA or State Program specific
  • Reduce Workers Compensation Premium Costs

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Know Your Overhead – A Plan to Profits

If You Don’t Know Your True Costs – You Can’t Control Them

How Competitive are You in the Marketplace?
Without knowing your true costs, you can never be sure if money is being made or lost.

Make time to attend this half-day workshop covering Overhead, Pricing, Business Costs and Planning for Success.
This half-day workshop will provide you knowledge and tools to use to plan for your business success.

  • Activity Based Costing Concepts
  • How to know your costs
  • Integrating your costs into your pricing
  • The power of knowing your break-even point
  • Cost cutting dos and don’ts to stay in business

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Benjamin Moore – Inside Edge Webinars

Proven Marketing Strategies that Work

Visit the Benjamin Moore Website for complete information on this and all other Benjamin Moore Webinars Full and Partial Day Workshops

Estimating 101 Workshop – Learn the fundamentals of estimating and takeoff 
All full day workshops start at 8:30 a.m., include lunch and finish between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

  • Workshops for 2016 can be scheduled now.
  • Private Training sessions always available.

Safety Management for Painting Contractors
Fall Hazard, HazComm, Respiratory, Lead Safety, Electrical, PPE, Ladder and Scaffold.

  • Company Written Policies & Programs
  • Management and Employee Training

Field Operation and Management for the Painting Contractor Workshop

  • Workshops for 2016 can be scheduled now.
  • Private Training sessions always available.

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